ALT SL160 Aluminium Sliding Doors 

The ALT SL160 Lift and Slide Door System is a modern solution for the large aperture glazing. The functionality of the system is provided by the variety of the opening types: doors do not occupy the inner space, disengage a large area, integrate several rooms or room and the terrace. The ALT SL160 system allows to perform thermally insulated windows and doors with one or more active or fixed sashes. The ALT SL160 system provides architects and designers with the wide range of opportunities for large apertures – wall replacement by thermally insulated lift and slide doors, high anti-burglary capabilities, improved illumination and significant economy of the useful area.

Specially designed sealing and ledge elements have been developed to withstand unfavorable weather conditions, reliably protecting the premises from wind, moisture and noise.

Based on the test results the leading German hardware suppliers were chosen. The system hardware kits provide maximal functionality and allow to assemble all possible types of sash openings with maximal dimensions and weight up to 330 kg. In case of using additional sets of supporting carriages – up to 440 kg.