ALT F50 Aluminium Curtain Walls

Due to its unique appearance and excellent performance characteristics, translucent facades gained popularity among architects and civil engineers. A building façade arranged of glass and aluminum framework can be of different color, properties, shape (vertical, tilted, horizontal) and etc. The structural glazing technique provides new design opportunities for building facades. The structural glazing systems conceal aluminum fastenings, hence the building face turns into a glass monolith. The Alutech Group offers facade systems for different types of structures, production and installation.

ALUTECH ALT F50 classic post-transom facade includes post and transom with 50 mm visible width. It enables maximum translucency and visual lightness of facade constructions, as well as a stylish apearance. All visible construction components can be painted with any RAL color. The quality of profiles coating confirmed by Qualicoat 2000. The most demanding customers are offered anodized profiles resistant to aggressive exposure of the environment. The set of available thermal inserts and gaskets provides the installation of fillings (glass units, thermal insulation panels) from 4 to 50 mm thick.